1. Advanced Composites Materials: Structural Composites, Bio-composites, Smart Composites, Functional Composites, Environmentally Friendly Composites, Themoplastics, Graphene, Additive Manufacturing, etc.


2. Raw and Auxiliary Materials for Advanced Composites: High-performance Reinforcing Fibers, Matrix Materials, Sandwich Materials (Foams and Honeycombs), Textile, Prepreg, Auxiliary Materials, Adhesives, Coatings, etc.


3. Advanced Manufacturing, Composite Manufacturing Technology, Tooling designing, Process Technology and Equipments, Preforming, Low-cost Technology, etc.


4. Testing: NDE, Testing and Characterizing Methods of Mechanical, Chemical and Physical Properties, and the Instruments.


5. Applications: Aerospace, Safety, Marine, High-speed Train, Automotive, Green Energy, Electronics, and Sports & Leisure, etc.


6. Digital Technology and CAE System of Composite Materials: Designing, Simulations, Analysis and Optimization, Digital Equipments, Database, etc.


7. Repair Technology for Advanced Composite (Service, Process technology and equipment)


8. Recycle Technology