SAMPE is the global composites and advanced materials communities. SAMPE China Innovation Awards recognize and praise the latest innovations of designing, materials, manufacturing and applications from the users' perspective. The awards provide not only industry recognition and prestige, but also the opportunity of industrialization development and cooperation with the end-users.


This category of award is submitted by the composite component design department or unit. The award categories include: autonomous proposition design and enterprise proposition design.
The application requirements of the autonomous design group shall be creative, original design with consideration of marketability and user psychology, and the details shall be humanized. With practicality, design specification and system, function rational and practical. With environmental protection, minimalist design, form service function, easy to operate, comfortable to use, visual simplicity and fashion.
The enterprise proposition design group's mission statement is detailed in annex 1: the SAMPE China innovation design award enterprise proposition design group's mission statement for 1919-2020. The expert evaluation committee of the enterprise proposition design group is set up separately.
Each of the autonomous proposition design group and the enterprise proposition design group have 6 nominations, and 3 final awards.
This category includes innovative high-performance reinforcement materials, preforms, fabrics, prepregs, matrix materials and their modifications, sandwich materials, bonding materials, auxiliary materials and other innovative materials.
There are 6 nominations and 3 final awards.
This category includes improvements in quality, life-cycle costs, and productivity that are required to meet performance requirements, including weight loss and safety. low-cost, high-volume manufacturing technology and innovative solutions, encourage optimization of manufacturing process, using a low-cost tooling design and application, to encourage highly integrated, intelligent, automation technology innovative after processing, the joint and assembly technology innovation, innovation to Additive Manufacturing technology, encourage the integration of function and structure of the solution.
There are 6 nominations and 3 final awards.
This category is awarded by the manufacturer of composite components, including but not limited to: aviation, aerospace, rail transit, automobile, ship and ocean engineering, engine, medical treatment, sports leisure and other applications of the related industries.
There are 6 nominations and 3 final awards.


SAMPE China Mainland invites the experts from the designing institute, enterprises of aviation, space, aero-engine, rail transit, automobile, ship and ocean engineering, sports leisure and other applications of the related industries to review the proposal and judge the final awards on-site during SAMPE China 2020 Conference & Exhibition.


1. Designing units, raw material suppliers, parts suppliers, molding process auxiliary materials suppliers, molding equipment and processing enterprises, private and joint venture enterprises, final assembly plant and other related enterprises and institutes.
2. Exhibitors of SAMPE China 2020 exhibition.


Stage 1: Full fill the application form for innovative products or technology and return to the organization
Submission Deadline: April 25, 2020

Stage 2: Expert selection and public voting 
Period: April 29 to May 15, 2020
Participants can vote online on the shortlist through page H5. The panel of judges will discuss and review the shortlist, and review the list of nominees by referring to the online voting opinions (The scale is: expert review 85%+ valid online voting 15%).

Stage 3: Presentation & Final award list & Award ceremony 
Period: June 3 to 5, 2020
Enterprises who have won the nomination award shall bring product samples to the exhibition for display. Nominees need to prepare PPT (electronic version, no longer than 30 minutes, paper version in 6 copies. PPT content includes the introduction of the company and the participating team, the innovation points of the participating products or projects, the comparison of technical indicators/data with similar products at home and abroad, the design plan, manufacturing process, cost analysis and analysis report of industrial application prospect, etc. The list of winners will be announced at the ceremony, and the winners, judges, sponsors and mainstream media will be invited to witness the grand ceremony.


Nominees: Certificate of Award
Final winner: Certificate of Award
Award Cup 
CNY 10,000.00


CNY 50,000.00


1. The sponsor has the reputation of being a sponsor of the innovation award, and it is widely promoted among the industry.
2. Products of sponsors will be first entered into the database and recommended to participating units.
3. The entrance gate of SAMPE China 2020 exhibition shall be equipped with a display board to display the name or logo of the sponsors.
4. The sponsor's name or logo shall be printed on the inside of the exhibition catalogue.
5. Corporate video/product video of the sponsor (within 5 minutes) will be played in the presentation defense room.
6. Representatives of sponsors participate in the special exchange activity of matching supply and demand of evaluation experts.
7. SAMPE China WeChat public account special promotion.
8. One color page in the exhibition catalogue.
9. Two attendees to attend the award banquet, and the sponsor leader will present the award.


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