Prof. Yichu Yin, SAMPE Fellow, Shanghai Institute of Synthetic Resin
Dr. Zhongmin Xue, SAMPE Fellow, Sinoma Science &Technology Co., Ltd
Prof. Tong Zhao, Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Dr. Zhenghua CAO, Chairman, AVIC Composite Corporation Ltd
Mr. Jianwei Hao, Director, AVIC Composite Corporation Ltd
Dr. Fuyuan XIE, CEO, Kangde Composites
Dr. Zhen SHEN, Vice Chairman, SAMPE Beijing Chapter
Dr. Louis Pilato, Pilato Consulting
Dr. Scott Beckwith, Technical Director, SAMPE GLOBAL
Mr. Gregg Balko, CEO, SAMPE GLOBAL
Prof. Hiroyuki HAMADA, Kyoto Institute of Technology
Dr. Arnt Offringa, Fokker Aerostructures
Dr. William B. Avery, Boeing Company
Dr. Shanying Zeng, Boeing Company
Dr. Lingcai Huang, AVIC General Aircraft Co., Ltd
Mrs. Lulin HE, Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials